Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow.....round three!

Steve Pool said it was coming and it a big way!

Daddy had to go to work, so there was no sledding for the girlies today.
Thank goodness my bestie Jenny and her gang live within walking distance from our home.  We trekked over for a snow play date that included a snow cave, hot chocolate with marshmallows and hot dogs.  Pretty great way to spend another snow day at home!

It is 5:17 pm and my kids are still outside from round two of the day.  Daddy just pulled up and all i hear is, "Daddy, will you play with me"!  They love this crazy white stuff!

Unison movement in the snow!

Couldn't get to the Stewart's fast enough!

Besties.....Bella and Luke

Peter looks like he has a pretty nice ride there.

"Dace" and Nat-Nat.....their names for each other.

The snow cave!

Man that's a whole lot of snow!

Thanks snowpocalypse...snowmagedden...or whatever you might call it!
You were snow-fabulous!  Now go away so i can send these youngin's back to school!


  1. Looks fun!! We had a great time too. Brett and the kids are out right now (5:24pm) for round 3!! My house is so quiet. :) But I'm still freezing!!!! xoxo

  2. Love it! Love the girlies, their friends, their it all!

  3. SuLee, I laughed out loud at the picture of those silly girls all synchronized!