Thursday, March 3, 2011

4 years, 11 months and 9 days old....

...and Lily's second tooth is out, plus she pulled it herself!
She came to me about 4 pm saying that she thought her tooth was ready and would i pull it for her.  Then she realized Daddy was not home yet and she would wait.  A few minutes goes by and she comes to me again and asks if we can call Daddy because she wants to tell him that we are not going to wait for him and that i am going to pull her tooth out before he gets home.  I finally go to do the deed and Grace has a fit and tells Lily, "It's not time, to give it another day".  Seriously, how does she know this?  So Lily of course listens to her big sister Grace and i am off the hook.  I then hear Grace telling Lily that it would be best if she could just pull her tooth out herself.  Again, coming from the source....a girl who was Miss Drama each time a tooth was pulled...How does she know that this is a good idea?  I start to make dinner when all of a sudden there is a big commotion in the family room and Lily appears with her tooth in hand.  She had pulled it out by herself and is convinced that Grace had "taught" her how and was thanking her profusely!   It was quite comical!
I don't even register this child for kindergarten until this Monday, she won't be 5 until the 22nd and she's already lost two teeth!  She is definitely keeping up with her sisters in more ways than one!

How many different angles would you
like to see my toothless grin?

The teacher of "tooth pulling" and
her student.

All three of them have something going on in their mouths.
Two snaggle tooths and one who is fixing
the snaggle tooth mess! :-)

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