Monday, March 14, 2011

Wet but sunny!

Hey, we'll take it, right?
Girls had their after school snack, got their homework done, piano practicing done and bible study what's left to do?  GO OUTSIDE and burn off some steam!  It's WET, it's breezy but it's SUNNY!  YEAH!
Dusted off the camera.....

Brightly colored goulashes that are a little
obnoxious but less than $5 a pair! 
Can't be picky when they are that cheap. 
LOVE them!
I even have a pair!
All time favorite past time....
Digging for BUGS!
First victim.....Yes, it's alive!
Love my brown eyed girl!
Any chance these teeth will straighten
out on their own...NOT!
LOVE this grin!
Come smile...pretty please!
Okay, i'll take it!
Lily's get-up!
She looks like a hippie LOVE child.
Jeff's Mom gave me this and it has always
been one of my favorite wind chimes.
Isn't it fitting for the Northwest?
New sunglasses that i picked up because i might need them
in about 26 days.  I'm not counting or anything. :-)
Photo compliments of Grace.

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