Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I can't believe this day has finally arrived....

I registered Lily for all day kindergarten yesterday.
I longed for this day to arrive and then it came and i got a lump in my throat.  I didn't even register her on the first day of registration, i waited until the second day.  I even thought, hmmmm.....maybe we will not be drawn for the lottery system they use and she will only be able to go to half day and i will still get to have my  baby home with me just a little bit longer.
I've never shed a tear dropping off any of my children for their first days of preschool or kindergarten.  Oh, i take that back.  I did cry on Grace's first day of kindergarten but that was only because another Mom was sobbing hysterically outside the door of the classroom after she dropped off her son.  It broke my heart to see her crying and that's what made me cry.  Grace and Bella have always LOVED to go to school but Lily, not so much.  She gives me a hard time every single day, she begs to stay home with me and then when i drop her off she asks for just one more hug and kiss....10 hugs and kisses later...and the teacher is still peeling her off of me. 
But i have to say, this one...this little over grown baby, she just might make me shed a tear when i drop her off for kindergarten.  So i hope there is a "Cookies and Cry" room next year or dear friends, you need to come rescue me and take me out for a Mimosa!

I made a huge mistake on Monday.  I scheduled Bella's 7 year check and Lily's 5 year physical on the same day.  NEVER again!  I thought we were going to do great because they both tinkled in their little cups right away.  Usually they get stage fright and we have to take the cups home.  But once they had their fingers pricked, all you know what broke loose!  They both screamed and proceeded to ask a million times how many more 'shots' they were going to have to have.  In between getting shots, Lily was horsing around and hit her big toenail which then proceeded to peel back from the skin and was a huge bloody mess.  Dr. Davies has reassured me the toenail will probably be saved.  Oh the Drama!  Bless the nurses heart.....she came into a room of very sad little crazy girlies who were beside themselves.  Lily screamed in the nurses face, "Don't give me a shot"!  The nurse looked at me as i held Lily's legs down and i said calmly, "Do it hard and fast'!  And she did...all 4 of them! :-)  Then it was poor Bella's turn, she had big old crocodile tears before the shot even started.  Almost broke my heart but we moved forward and i said, "Be thankful, you only have to have one".  That didn't stop the screams, but i am here writing about it, so we all survived.  Grace was the happiest out of the bunch, she was the only one who was not tormented. :-)

So, a new chapter is about to start in my life.
What now?  Thinking of going back to work........

Her 'broken toe'
Stamps for being such a good patient.
Yay, right! :-)
Her newest trick!
20 year old trapped in a 5 year old body!

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