Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a jam packed full of fun weekend!

Started off on Friday night with the girls having a school social at Wheelz.  They are not the best of skaters but that doesn't seem to phase them a bit.  They love going to hang out with their buds...they're kind of social in that way...hmmmm...wonder where they get that from?  I pulled them around the rink and made them fall a few times but isn't that how you learn to skate? :-)

Taking a little break.

Go Grace Go!

Here she is when she finally let go of me!

One your mark..get set...GO!  The GO never happened, she
could not get up from this position to save her life.

HELP me!

I'm good as long as i have my knee pads.

Saturday i was blessed to attend one of the most special baby showers ever.  You see, this is for a 'rainbow baby' who is to arrive in May.  I met Reagan's sweet Mamma Jodi through being a Bunco sub for the neighborhood across the way.  We then connected on a closer level because she and i have something every unique in common....we are both loss Mommies.  Her sweet Anderson came silently into the world a little over a year and half ago and her arms have been waiting to be filled with another baby ever since.  Her wishes are soon to be granted and we celebrated the anticipated arrival of this newest blessing from above. 
Jodi is the daughter of my wonderful running partner Wendy and sister of my other wonderful running partner Amy.  Not only did i get Jodi in my life but Wendy and Amy as did i get so lucky?
Amy threw an amazing shower for her sister whom you can tell she LOVES very much.

Pretty Mamma Jodi holding up one
of the many 'pink' things she received.

Lovely Trio....Amy, Jodi and Wendy!
Pink Roses and Limes....Perfect!

Terrific Tulips!

The shower had a jungle theme to it...are these cute or what?

And these are even cuter!

Seriously.....a candy bar!


Little jungle candle party favors.

Oh and presents galore!

As fun as my weekend has been, TODAY topped it all! 
I climbed 69 flights of stairs, took 1311 steps and was in 788 feet of vertical elevation...all in the name of cancer....because i want to help find a cure for the stinkin' disease!
Today i did the Big Climb at the tallest building in Seattle, the Columbia Tower.  It is a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  It was hard, but not nearly as hard as the fight people go through who are battling this disease.  It took me 15 minutes and 3 seconds to climb those stairs....that is nothing compared to battle people are afflicted with every day when they have this awful ailment.
Thank you for your love and's what took my legs to the top!

My beautiful MOPS friends Katie J and Katie A, who were
crazy enough to do this with me.  It was actually Katie J who
encouraged us to take on this challenge and well,  for those
who know me...know i am just a wee bit competitive
 and like anything 'timed'. :-)

Jeff hard Guard duty this weekend so Victoria
came to the rescue and corrupted the girls with donuts
 kept the girlies while i climbed.

Michael came along too and i don't think he enjoyed
himself at all. 

After the climb....i was one HOT mess!  Whew!

Kind of worth the climb when you get to see this view!

The girlies and i hung around town for a bit.  Took the
monorail over to the Space Needle.

Decided to hit the Children's Museum since we've never
been before.  Yup...they definitely are my 'catch of the day'!

Look who we ran into on our
way to the car?

We don't know him but the girls thought
he was too cool....and he was!

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  1. What a busy, fun, productive weekend you had. I'm so happy we did the climb together. You're a stair climbing rock star!