Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling Lucky?

Don't you love holidays that make you want to dress up?
The girls were so excited to wear green even though i think they secretly like to be pinched. :-)
Felt a little wild this morning and made green eggs and decorated their already sugared up cinnamon rolls just a little more because that's what silly holidays make you do.  Lily, the child who loves any type of food quickly turned up her nose at my green eggs until she tasted them and then proclaimed that they were the BEST eggs she'd ever had and could we eat them every day.  She then asked, "How did you make them Mommy"?  Me, "A leprechaun helped me".  Loved the look i got from that one, cause she believed it! :-)

Our girl Grace can be the most impatient child in the world but can be the most patient child when she is surrounded by clover.  She found two four leaf clovers at school today.  My friend Jenny said, "I need to have her buy me a lottery ticket".  Hmmm.....i think we just might do that!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The eggs look a little funky but they were delicious!

Got a little carried away with the 'green' theme.

My attempt at making Lily's snack for school
look like a shamrock.


Still being nice......

Grace starting to goof off....
i think a leprechaun might have goosed her here. :-)

See, not all of our pictures come out great....
here's a few of our take outs.

Lily:  STOP MOM!



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