Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grace's reward

Grace has been biting her nails since she was about 3 years old.  I've literally not had to cut her nails until recently.  That is over 6 1/2 years of never having to trim her nails.  YUCK!  I tried EVERYTHING...i mean EVERYTHING and no amount of fear encouragement or bribery worked.  I probably invested in every single 'stop biting your nails' concoction invented but guess what did the trick?  A product called Control-It and her braces.  Had i known that it would be nearly impossible to bite your nails with braces on, i would've proceeded with  orthodontial intervention a lot sooner. :-)
I promised Grace that when i had to cut every single one of her fingernails, i would take her to the nail salon and let her have her nails painted to her hearts content.  Her hearts content is not the same as mine...even a little hoochy-mamma-ish but she was beyond thrilled when i surprised her with that outing yesterday.
Even though it took 6 1/2 years....i am proud of our girl!

P.S.  Don't buy Control It from the link i provided.  I buy mine on Ebay.  It really works!  I sampled it and this stuff will bring you to your's that bitter and nasty!

Bright neon greenish-yellow with white swirls, blue flowers
and a little bit of glitter.  So Grace!

On a funny note....Grace has asked me for a couple of days to pick her up some more glue sticks for school and my Mommy brain has failed her terribly.  This is what i found in my purse this morning.  I had to giggle.  This is exactly what i do to remind myself of things i need to get while i am out running around for the day.  So guess what happened today?  Grace now has glue sticks in her back pack and all because 'she' reminded me. :-)

The note from my sweet smart girl!

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