Saturday, February 19, 2011

The birthday fun continues......

Today was her 'friends' party.  Build A Bear was her place of choice.  We agreed that she could invite 7 of her favorite buds from school since it was her 7th birthday and four were able to make it.  Along with her sisters and our other sister Anna, it rounded back out to 7.   It was a busy but fun, fun morning!
Happy day after Birthday Bella!

Bella chose an owl and named her Hoot.

So beautiful and only seven.
We need to lock her up now!

Patting her 'heart' to give it a heart beat.

Rubbing her 'heart' on her ear so
she can share her secrets.

To help make wishes come true with
her 'heart'.

Rubbing your 'heart' on your forehead so your animal
will be as smart as you are.

Bella's owl Hoot has 7 extra hearts from all
of her birthday friends.

The birthday bunch with their beloved animals.
Pupcakes and goody bags.
I caved and finally got the girls Pop Rocks.
They were so surprised!
Build A Bear party with a Scooby Doo theme.
And this is what happens when you don't realize that
Bella's boyfriend Luke does not like mustard.
Apparently all the Stewart boys are 'allergic' to mustard. :-)
Hey, whose birthday is it anyways ????

Reading Lily's card.

Lily giving her some birthday LOVE.

Card from Mommy and Daddy.
She finds joy in everything!

"Special" yarn for her loom.

Grace surprised her with a
homemade bracelet.

Reading Luke's card.

Are they the cutest or what?  I LOVE them together!
Is that wrong????

My other daughter Anna and Grace's BFF.

Like daughter.
Taking pictures with her 'cell phone' from Build A Bear.

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