Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Friends = Great Fun!

Went back to the YMCA this morning for some more punishment in the kick butting boxing class.  What a great work-out!!!  If you belong to the Y, you should be there at 9:15 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  My sides and shoulders were still sore from last Friday's class and today she even changed it up some more so who knows what i will be like tomorrow.   My high school friend Wendy also does the class and she is awesome....awesome at the class and awesome because she does not laugh at me when i am flailing around like a goof ball while i am punching like a girl.  But i am determined and will keep going back until they kick me out for looking so goofy!  By the way, running is much easier, well not really easier but at least i know i don't look like too much of a dork doing it. :-)
Our youngins' were all out of school today so they played in the gym while we punched and kicked our stress away.  They did great so we rewarded  them with smoothies at the Greener Bean.  Have you had their smoothies?  DELICIOUS!  Today i ventured out and tried Jessie's Protein smoothie which i believe might have been created by my friend Katie's husband who owns Innovative Fitness next door to the Greener Bean.  It was so yummy and kept me full until dinner time.  Try'll like it!

Our cute little gang!

Our snaggle tooth beauties.
Bella's just fit together like a puzzle.

Mac and Grace....two of the sweetest buds i know!

Peach smoothies.
I asked for a tiny bit of whipped cream.
I wonder what a regular order looks like?

The talented Daisy, drinking and playing
Go Fish simultaneously.

Do you have a Queen?

I think she needs a few more silly bands...don't you?

My friend Wendy and Lily's new Mommy for the day.

Handsome Mac!

The fun didn't stop here.  One of my dearest friends in the whole world Rita called to see if Grace could come over for an impromptu play date and sleepover.  We jumped on it and i invited myself with the girls to have dinner at Qdoba with her family.  Qdoba is one of my absolute favorite places to eat.  Their naked burrito is amazing!
Rewind....on how i met my sweet Rita.
We met at an evening bible study group for women years ago....before kid days, before she was married days...years ago.  You get the picture.  Anyways, she was a talker and well, so was i and can you believe we could get in trouble for talking to each other in class.  I mean we would literally get called out where the discussion leader actually embarrassed you and would ask if you had something you'd like to share with the class.  Here we are in our 30's and we were being reprimanded like we were kindergartners.  Do you think that kept us apart?  Nope, we've been partners in crime ever since and we even had babies exactly one week apart.  Not only are we BFF's but our girlies are BFF's too!
When you meet Rita, you can't help but smile.  Look at her smile.  Is it gorgeous or what?  She just gives you the warm fuzzies all over.  Rita has been there for me on so many occasions but one i will never forget is when i went into labor with our boys.  Jeff was out of town, my Mom did not pick up the phone nor did my sister.  I had a million people to call and couldn't think of anyone but guess who God sent me...Rita.  She had just come in from vacation and was worried about me and called and was at our home within minutes to take me to the hospital.  God knew i needed someone kind, gentle and caring to calm my nerves and that she did.  I will be forever indebted to her for being there when i needed someone the most.
I have a million other stories i could share but it would take me days to write about the fun silly things we talk about.  I love you my sweet Rita.  You probably make me giggle more than anyone i know and as you know, laughing is probably the best medicine anyone can prescribe.

My sweet beautiful Rita-fajita-pita!  XOXO

Best smile ever!

Dani and Grace = BFF's

Sweet,  just like her Mamma!

Love all of these pretty little girlies!

Crazy little nut-ball of LOVE!

Naked vegan burrito...
maybe i just like it cause it's called naked? :-)

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  1. wow! I totally want a smoothie now. those peach ones look delish! and that profile of rita is gorgeous! hi rita!