Saturday, February 5, 2011

Knifty Knitting

Grace and Bella are addicted.

Loom knitting is an old art, recently becoming popular again. Looms come in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, and rectangular.  Our girls have only used the rectangular version. Some have a single row of pegs, called single rakes; some have two rows of pegs, called double rakes. The size of the loom is a factor in how large a knit piece can be made on it. The gauge of the loom, or how far apart the pegs are from each other and how large they are, contributes to the size of the knit stitches and the thickness of yarn that works best on it.

You can find the particular loom the girls use at Michael's for about $8 and with a 40% that comes to only about $5!  They do offer other variations.  We've not ventured out that far...yet. :-)  And the variety, colors and textures of yarns....who would've thought yarn could be so much fun?

Doesn't she look peaceful and cozy?

Grace's loom and fancy yarn.

Grace made this scarf for Jeff's Mom for her birthday a
couple of weeks ago and i went on You Tube to figure
out how to make the crochet flowers.  I think it turned out
pretty great if i say so myself! :-)

And the beautiful Lily modeling
our masterpiece!

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