Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine LOVE!

I hope you've been feeling the LOVE today!

The morning started out with a yummy Valentine breakfast for the girlies and a few silly little gifts.  I had found diamond heart shaped pendants at Wal-Marche on clearance for $.99 from Christmas, they each got a word search booklet plus a heart shaped Ring Pop which Lily called a "Sucky finger thing".   As i was putting on Lily's necklace this morning she said, "Where did you get this piece of junk at"?  Come on, it's not that bad, even if it's from Wal-Marche! :-)
I surprised them with heart shaped PBJ's and a pink/red rice crispy treats, compliments of Little Debbie for lunch.

Heart shaped watermelon, strawberries, bear claws
and strawberry milk.

Had a great morning at MOPS with our mentor panel being on board as our speakers and then snuck off a little early to catch the tail end of Lily's Valentines Day party.  Miss Debra and Nickey, you know how to throw a good party!

Little mailboxes filled with LOVE
and goodies!

Girls came home from school without any homework!  Yippeeeee!  They had a snack and then begged for their beloved Ring Pops, or are they Sucky Finger Things?  You decide!

Started dinner for all of my Valentines, big and small.  When i mentioned to Bella that i would be making  special Valentines dinner, she asked, "Can we have steak and mashed potatoes"?  Do you know how good it felt to say "YES'!?????  I am not a big steak fan but all of my Valentines are so i knew they would be thrilled with some meat and potatoes instead of fish or chicken and rice. :-)  Of course the rain did not cooperate with my plans and i got soaked, first getting the grill out of the garage and then trying to bbq the steaks.  Then....the propane tank ran dry, but it did hold out long enough as the steaks came out perfect!

Marinated in Italian dressing all day.  YUM-O!
Finished our dinner off with Pup-cakes, chocolate covered strawberries and a vast assortment of chocolates.  Our Daddy usually brings all of his girlies home flowers but this year he brought us chocolates.  Even though my mouth loved the chocolates, my thighs appreciate flowers a little more. :-)
It was a wonderful day!
Happy LOVE Day!

Pink Pup-cakes!

My Funny Valentines!

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