Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Come meet Will.....

.....and his adorable brother Benjamin (nice name) and sweet beautiful Mommy Erin.
This brave Mommy invited Lily over for a play date today.  Hmmmm......are you guys seeing a pattern here.  Lily only seems to have play dates with boys.  Please tell me this is no indication of what she will be like in the future.  She is pretty irresistible though. :-)
Will has the cutest little brother who calls Lily "Lolly" and for awhile, Lily thought that Benjamin's name was Lolly because she would say,"Hi Lolly" when she would see him.  Too cute!
Erin, i give you "Mother of the Day" award.  She made cookies with these two goofballs and let them frost them to their hearts content, which meant, sprinkles in the frosting and on top as well.  Is she the best or what?  Thank you Erin for making Lily's morning!  XOXO

Handsome Will.

She really needs to stop this, even though it is cute!!!

Cute little baking buddies.

Yummier than the cookies they made.
Really, could you gobble him up?

Benjamin and pretty Mommy Erin.

Will's cookies

Lolly's treats that she shared with all of us.
We couldn't have the gingerbread men though because
she wanted to see if they would run away....
run away into her mouth!

Well, that's what Erin and i seem to call them. :-)

Oh and the crazy weather...snow, no snow, huge amounts of snow, melting snow, no snow.....and at 10:31 pm, we have snow.  The girls had a blast.  I let them play in the slush and they mooched hot chocolate off our wonderful neighbor Mr. Dave and then came in soaking wet to their panties.
LOVE outdoor shots.  All the snow photos are SOOC (straight out of the camera), except for cropping on the 8th photo.  Does that count? :-)

We got caught in the thick of it!

My pretty little brace face. 
It's amazing how much her teeth have
moved in 4 weeks.

One of my favorite toothless wonders.

The other favorite toothless wonder!

The start of their snowman.

Here 'it' is!

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