Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Fun!

Can you believe i am blogging at 11:36 pm?
I've had so much fun today, i don't want it to end! :-)

Started off with commemorating the births of two amazing friends, Rachel and Krisitn.  Annie hosted and made the delicious spread of homemade goodies and i added in a few cake balls truffles.  We chatted, we laughed and we CELEBRATED, not only Rachel and Kristin's birthdays but our friendships as well. 

Mushroom and sausage quiche, homemade scones and
cake truffles.  YUM-O!

Annie, Benjamin, Rachel and Jenny (Benjamin's Mommy)

Super Man Sam holding the little man Benjamin.

Seriously Sexy.....nice legs Annie-ooo!

The fun didn't end here!
Rachel's husband Chris pulled off a surprise party for his lovely bride tonight!

Wait for it...wait for it!


I LOVE it..she really did not know!


and babies......

Yummy food with pretty faces!

Creative holding devices when your hands are full.
Nice butt Jeremy!

Is this the BEST cake ever?
It was supposed to say, "Oh Snap" not "Oh Snap's", and the
caterpillar was just because it was the goofiest thing her
husband could think of. :-)

Happy Birthday to you Rachel!

And the man who pulled it all off.
Way to go Chris!

 The night ended with having our new pastor over to meet our small group from church. Welcome Taeler and Tim!  You were such a delight to be with and i look forward to getting to know you better.

We tried to corrupt our new pastor
with a little wine but she did not cave.

Taeler and Tim!

And this is what she thinks of our small group already! :-)

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  1. the surprise party was SO fun! Thanks for taking such great pictures. :)