Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Build A Bear Fun!

Our girlies were invited by my wonderful sweet running partner Wendy, who is part of the Orthopedic Guild to join her at Build A Bear tonight to make bears and donate them for sick children at Mary Bridge Hospital.  The girls were able to pick out the bears, fill them with love and name them.  I have to admit, it went over a lot better than i thought it would.  The older two comprehended clearly that they would not be coming home with a bear tonight but i wasn't certain if Lily was on the same page so i was on pins and needles waiting for a melt down, but guess girl is growing up.  We left on a happy note but i think that was partly because Miss Wendy was treating them to McDonald's for dinner.  And as if my kids were not rotten enough already :-), she spoils them by taking them to Justice and getting them each a new Webkinz animal afterwards!  We love you Miss Wendy!

Love that these animals will be some child's best buddy!

Before they were stuffed.....

Filled with LOVE......

Grace's Bear : Lego

Bella's Bear: Cocoa

Lily's Dog: Bella and yes, she said
she named it after her sister. :-)

Wendy's daughter's Amy and Jodi are part of the Guild too
and each brought children.  This Amy's friend Gavin.

I am clueless.
Thought this was Grace's first dipped cone
ever. Come to find out, she has done this
with her Daddy on a few other occasions.

Bella opted for a cookie.

Lily had a strawberry milkshake with
the works, whipped cream and a cherry
to boot!

And Miss Wendy deserved this sundae
after spoiling my girls tonight!


  1. So sweet. It is very heart warming to see your daughters are so civic-minded and caring at their young ages. But then they do have tons of wonderful role models like you, Jeff, Wendy, Amy. Love.

  2. We had such a good time, however Mom was looking over our shoulder all the time snapping pictures!!! Ha Ha The girls didn't even ask for a Bear, only request was to go to Justus...I guess it's the hot spot for little girls! As we walked by "Old Navy" they almost said in unison that in no way did they want to enter that store!!! WE had fun in Nordy's trying on hats, scarves and even designer sunglasses! I am going to be such a super Grandma!!! Can hardly wait for May! Thanks for sharing the girlies with me!!!