Thursday, February 3, 2011

The other man in my life.....

Can you believe there would be anyone else besides my wonderful Jeff?
There is......
His job in life is to make women feel beautiful and he does a fine job at it.
Let me introduce Edward from Gene Juarez.  He has been cutting my hair since Bella was a baby.  That is nearly seven years of putting up with picky me!  He is the one who convinced me to go with the short inverted bob look.  It has varied in lengths over the years but it has pretty much stayed the same and i love it!  This hairstyle will probably go to the grave with me.
Now i have a confession..... I've tried several times to have an affair on him and guess what....i always go back.  You just have to stick with a good thing even if it costs a pretty penny.  He's worth it though! :-)

Edward is also part of my 'cheap therapy'.  He's heard it all!  Poor Edward, and still let's me come back.  We share the same birthday year and month in fact.  He and his wife Bev have three children as well. 
What else can i say, he is just all around a GREAT guy!

Thank you Edward for always making
my day brighter after i visit you!

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