Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It still takes my breath away every time.

God's creation...what a gift it is to our eyes.
Taken at 5 pm tonight. 

Ahhh......these little faces ALWAYS take my breath away too!
It was cold, but we needed to get out of the house and burn off some energy.  Stopped at one of our favorite places, 'Big Rock' park, you know the one on 19th Street.  It has some weird name like Sunset Terrace but doesn't Big Rock park suit it much better?  Ran into our friends the Hendricksons.  Pam is the Mommy of three girlies too.  Her oldest is named Grace, her middle daughter's name is Belle (Isabel) and then she had a third little surprise, another girl and guess what her name is......Mary Alice!  Come on Pam, what, Lily was not good enough for you?   We teased and pleaded for her to name her third Lily but we think Mary Alice is just about as cute as can be too.

Sunshine....i'll take it, even if it's cold sunshine!

( and SOOC)

Gorgeous X 2!

Gorgeous X 3!

Hence the name.

Is everything just pretty on this bite size face?

And all of the cute girls with great names!

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