Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boat load of!

Grace said, "This is the best mid-winter break ever"! 
The girls were out in the snow before noon, the dryer was on overload from damp outerwear, we had clam chowder and chai tea with milk for lunch and then warmed up by the fire.  They were back at again when the neighbor girls came home from school, had hot warm cocoa with all the fixins' and finished the day off sledding at the apple orchard. was a pretty great day.

Can you believe i claim these three goofballs?

The snow  reveals that Grace might need a little
tooth whitening action after her braces come off.

Watch me......


Clothes warming up in the dryer and boots warming
by the fire.

This sled has nothing on.......

This one that i purchased at a garage sale
 at least 15 years ago for $5! 

Beautiful little camillas hiding
under their own leaves from the snow.

Lily was actually yelling at me to quit taking pictures.
Can you imagine?

Grace's creation.

Bella the dare-devil!

Hot cocoa, made with milk, marshmallows, whipped cream
and sprinkles....yes, i was in an extra good mood today. :-)

Good to the last drop!

Secrets over hot cocoa.

The gang of girlies.

Our neighbors furry child, Parker.

Gorgeous Arden....

Toothless Julia....

Bella was a maniac at the orchard!

I think this was about the
20th time she came up the hill.

See was fun!

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