Thursday, January 6, 2011


One of my dearest friends in the world, Jenny,  gave birth to her fourth miracle on Tuesday morning.
His name is Benjamin Aaron.  Is that a sweet name or what?  So, i am a little partial to the's still an amazing name for one precious little boy. :-)

Jenny is Bella's future mother-in-law 'Ukie's Mom", you know, Bella's Ukie and one of the most special people you will ever meet.  We became fast friends when Luke and Bella were in their first preschool class together.  You know when you meet someone, you're comfortable from the get go and you can just be yourself?  That is how i felt when i met Jenny.  She is someone i can boo-hoo to and she will either let me cry my eyes out or make me laugh so i don't cry my eyes out.  What is better than that?  And did i mention she is FUN?   Whether we are hanging out for coffee, at McDonald's, each other's homes, having pedicures or just sitting on the church steps waiting for the snow to pass so she can take me to my stranded's always fun to be with her.
Jenny is caring, smart, so beautiful, a great Mom and one fabulous wife to Aaron.  They are just a great team and will make great in-laws for Bella. think i need to stop with all of this nonsense? needs to happen in my books.  And if not Bella and Luke, i can always hold out for Lily and Peter.  Yes, they have a son who is Lily's age too!  Did i luck out or what?
If you believe in luck, what i lucked out in, NO, what i am blessed with is an amazing friendship with one marvelous gal.  Love you Jenny and love that sweet little life you brought into the world too.  XOXO

and is that a hint of red i see?

A little peek.....

On a baby high and little sleep....isn't Jenny gorgeous!?!

Guess what Lily wants now?

Can't forget these two lovebirds. :-)

I think he's smiling at me.

No more little i am the BIG sister!

Natalie and Jenny's Mom...
two very pretty people!

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  1. Love that baby! I snuggled him this morning! woohoo! oh, and Jenny's not too bad either. we have awesome friends, huh?