Saturday, January 15, 2011

Come see what we do at MOPS steering meetings!

Well, i have had these lovely little photos for a while and wasn't feeling quite frisky bold crazy insane berserk demented enough to post them until tonight. 

I am on the MOPS (Mothers of Preshoolers) steering committee (well, maybe not after this post) with some of my besties Annie and Rachel.  We'd just finished up a meeting at my place and i don't know what on earth got into us but as you can see we have a good time! making fun of our b(o)(o)bies!  Now doesn't this make you want to join MOPS and become part of the steering?  I know there will probably be three open positions after Jenny reads this post. :-)

Oh, and your welcome, for the laugh at our expense. :-)


LOVE you my beautiful crazy friends!
P.S.  I have to include Stephanie too for taking the photos.

If you are not laughing right now, something is wrong with you and i dont' think you can be my friend anymore.


  1. love it! Actually, you're all so frisky that I am going to promote you to my job! :-)