Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Angel

Today i was blessed to have breakfast for 2 1/2 hours with one of my ABSOLUTE favorite people in the whole world!
Besties, i love you but this woman has precedence even over all of you!

My sweet Pat!

I want you to know about someone who i feel helped save me, along with God, when i was at a very dark place in my life.  As many of you know, we tried for many years to have our own biological children and we finally succeeded on our 2nd invitro cycle in February of 1999.  Sadly, due to an infection in my placenta, the pregnancy of our precious identical twin boys ended too soon, bringing them into the world on June 16th, 1999 at just 21weeks 4 days gestation.  Their little lungs were not developed enough to keep them with us and they passed on about an hour after their births.

My world had come to an end.....
I became a hermit.
I did not reach out to anyone.  Not even my sweet husband.
Not good.

August i received a phone call from Pat,  the perinatal grief counselor asking if Jeff and I would be interested in starting a couples counseling session with her and a few other couples.  All of a sudden i felt like God had finally heard my cries and was giving me people to talk with who would fully understand the pain i was enduring.

The sessions saved me.
Brought me out of my dark place.
Helped me understand that Jeff and i would grieve differently and....that was okay.
But the biggest gift it brought me was Pat.  My Angel.  My forever counselor and friend.

I so desperately wish i was scholarly enough to put into words what Pat has done for me over the years.
It would be pages and pages, it would be a book!
She never said to me....Time will make things heal.
She said....It's what you do with your time that will help you heal.
Amen to that!
That is when i knew i had to come out of hiding and try to be SuLee again.

Pat has an amazing gift.
She is someone who truly takes in every word you have to say before she responds.  She NEVER interrupts you while you are speaking.  She lets you share your 'truth' without any judgement.  And then when she shares her wisdom with you, it is done so carefully, so perfectly.
And isn't she LOVELY?  Inside and out.
She has the most amazing eyes, sweet smile and a voice that will soothe you when you are feeling down.

Not only is Pat everything that i've mentioned above but she is also a SURVIVOR!
She was a huge reason why i did the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk.
She saved my life at one time, the least i could do was contribute to helping find a cure to the disease that could have taken hers.

There was a wall full of these 'buttons' and you could
write whatever you chose.
I chose to honor three amazing ladies...SURVIVORS!

Still smiling after completing the best 60 miles of my life!

Pat, i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you!
Thank you for continuing to be on my journey with me!

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  1. All your words about Pat are so true. I hope she received our Christmas card this year. Love you too.