Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing in the New Year with a Good Luck Southern Meal

Can you believe we all stayed up....well, almost.  Lily had one tiny little cat nap for about 10 minutes and then rallied again for the count down to midnight.  Going to bed late means getting up late and the girlies did not stir until after 9:15 am.  We had a nice lazy day that ended with our traditional good luck southern meal.  I prepared collards which represent paper money, black eyed peas which represent coin and both of these equal prosperity for the New Year to come.  I made a ham which of course is pork, which represents the pig. The pig pushes forward and roots out what it wants which represents progress.  We also indulged in some of Jeff's other favorite goodies and completed the meal with a homemade chocolate pie.  It was all delicious if i made it myself.

Funky New Years Eve hats


Blah!  Grace always gets excited for the sparkly
 but never likes it.

Kids champagne!

Watching the countdown.

Didn't make it much longer.

Too much bubbly!

This is my rendition of a Good Luck Southern Meal.
Isn't my meringue pretty?

Doesn't it look like this ham could talk?
'Please don't eat me'!

Black eyed peas

Collards with a little bit ham for flavor.

One of Jeff's favorites....Green salad

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  1. Yum. I bought a ham at costco this week and we have yet to eat it. Now I'm excited.