Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog Fog.....

I am in one of those!
I haven't taken any pictures for days and my girls are so happy.
I thought about snapping a few shots today because of the sunshine but our day slipped right by us.  Errands, picking Lily up from preschool, lunch, more errands, picking up the big girls from school early to get Grace to her orthodontist appointment, homework and then dinner with friends at the OCB since Jeff had a late meeting with the Guard.

I think i just need to sit down and watch American Idol or go to sleep!

So...sorry...for being kind of boring.....
Maybe i'll liven up tomorrow?


  1. oh, i wish you would have taken a picture of the roast beef at ocb so i could drool a little... :)

  2. wait... american idol started?? how did i miss this?!