Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's fun to stay at the YMCA!

We're are back at it!
After i started running, gym workouts got quite boring.  I cancelled our membership because i am cheap frugal that way but was enticed to rejoin when i found out we could have a free membership while Jeff is technically deployed.  Whoo-hoo!  Got the girlies signed up for gymnastics and they Y is so good to me.  They let Lily into the regular gymnastics program with her big sisters so i could enjoy an hour of working out all by my lonesome.  Really, even though she is technically in preschool, she would look ridiculous with a group of 2 1/2 to 4 year olds.  She fits right in with the big girls and is already taller than most of them. :-)

Today was our first day and the girls LOVED it!
Lily begged to stay longer, Grace bragged about winning three hula-hoop contests and Bella....well, she just goes with the flow and is happy to do anything. :-)

The Pearl Street Y has been remodeled and looks fabulous!
I ventured into the cardio room to use the stair climber..mind you, not stair 'stepper' but the real deal.  You know, the machine that has the rotating stair case?  I am officially in training for my March 20th adventure.  I am raising money for Leukemia research.  Come support me here for the Big Climb.  Shockingly i was able to do the stairs for 15 minutes and also a little bit of weights too.  Felt like a stud until i was walking out the door and i was all wobbly and shaky...i'll take that as i pushed myself and that i am not out of shape. Right?

Jeff stayed at work late so the girlies and i ate without him.  Bella and Grace wanted pretzels and fishy crackers for desert.  Look at the silly fun we had.

Happy Snow everybody....isn't it gorgeous?
Here's hoping for a late start tomorrow without that awful 5:30 wake up call from the school district. :-)

Her bottom is eating her leotard.

And you can see why her bottom eats her leotard...
cute little round mound of love!

And to the other extreme. :-)

This was a fun team effort!

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  1. Oh SuLee, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Kaylin's bottom does the same thing to leotards!