Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gorgeous Girlies!

Crystal did her magic but i am partial and think the camera LOVES my girls pretty little faces!
I just about cried after reviewing the disc.  Our girlies are growing up.....way too fast.
I love them...i love their faces and i love to look at them and i hope you will too because there were too many good shots not to share!

Thank you for indulging with me and thank you Crystal for capturing our girls growing up.

LOVE this!

Oooo....this too!

They did this on their own.
Lily didn't want to be any part of the fun.

Stylin' in their Cuggs!

She does not look 4!

The next several are of Bella and she is just being
her cute self in every one of them.

Who is this grown up girl?

Yeah...we're all done!


  1. Adorable, every one of them! That's why we go see the professionals sometimes!

  2. SuLee - these girlies are absolutely adorable! They truly are growing up so very fast!!

  3. Beautiful! And SO fun!! Love you're new background on the blog!

  4. ADORABLE!!!!!! You are one lucky mama!!!!