Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday play date fun!

It was kind of a quiet weekend around our house.
Jeff had National Guard duty which frees up our time to do what we 'really want' but i just never got around to planning anything adventurous.  Grace on the other hand had been invited to a Spa Party at one of her BFF's home on Saturday afternoon.  We had no idea what she was in for!

Isabel's Mommy Kiersten really out did herself.  She is due to have her third baby at the end of March and she is the one who should of been pampered, not Grace!  We arrived to a pristine home in U.P. , seriously, it is in, i could move in there tomorrow and not change a thing. :-)  She obviously has very good taste!  Candles were burning, towels and robes rolled up and waiting to be slipped into, snacks of grapes, cheese, crackers, sparkling lemonade from Paris (not sure if this is true but that is what Grace claims) and chocolate (the real stuff)!  Really, who does that for two nine year old partners in crime?  One great Mommy!  I owe her big time!

Also, this sweet little family has chickens!
Did you know you can have up to 12 chickens in University Place?
They were wandering around her beautiful little yard and i have to admit, i was a little scared of them but not too scared to try and get a photo. :-) 
We even came home with truly organic eggs.

Spa photos compliments of Isabel's Mom, Kiersten, from her phone.  Phones can take some pretty great pictures these days.

Avocado facials...
and Grace was given her robe as a gift and would
wear it to school if i let her.
Cute little pampered girlies!

Isn't she/he gorgeous?

Since Grace was going to be gone for the afternoon i decided that the littles needed to have a some fun too and we went and picked up their boyfriends Peter and Luke and took them to their favorite...good old Mickey D's.  As you can see by the photos, they did not have a good time at all.  :-)

Love all of these cute faces!

I really don't think he minds. :-)

Don't you want to bite both of them!?

And them too!


In your mouth silly!

And the real reason why the
Seahawks won...
The 12th men were with them in spirit
at McDonalds!



  1. Enjoy them letting you take their pictures. If I tried to take pictures of my kids at the orthodontist they would probably start yelling "I don't know this pervert woman". Your kids are all so cute it makes you want to take pictures but they aren't as cute or as willing to pose at 14 and 16 so get all those photos in now. By the way, do you edit the pictures? I am not sure why this is my sons google account but really it is Laurel.

  2. Laurel, you are cracking me up. Let me tell you, i get my fair share of NO-WAY to the pictures. They run, they hide and i...well, i bribe a little. But today at the ortho, no problem, she thought she was hot stuff! I don't really know how to edit but i am taking a free online photo-shop class to learn. I do a little cropping, some times i lighten or darken a photo and take the red eye out. That's pretty much it. I just have a fabulous 'new to me' camera! Oh and i have to be honest, when i saw a post from 'Jackson', i thought it was the pastor and i was feeling pretty special. :-) Don't be make me feel special too! XOXO