Saturday, January 22, 2011

We love you Mr. Sun!

Doesn't the sun just make everything seem better?
Dusted off my camera and took the girlies outside to play but most importantly snap some photos of them.
It wasn't too cool, it was nice and crisp...actually it was just about perfect.
They rode their bikes, scooted on their scooters, jumped rope and we even gallivanted over to the nearby school to swing.
Now they are worn out and well, that is just about perfect..... :-)

Off we go!

Running and jumping rope at the same
time is quite a skill to have.
Lily hasn't mastered this yet. :-)

As you can see, this helmet has
probably saved Lily's life on
many occasions.

Our baby in the baby swing!

You know you have a good haircut
when your hair looks this good
upside down.

Our little monkey.

Everybody was
Kungfu fighting!
She learned this from
Wii Kids Dance.

I don't always catch them with their eyes open.

This is the face she makes every time she
puts her helmet on.

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