Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brace Face....

We have taken the plunge and started 'first phase' and hopefully our last phase of braces for Grace.
Let me rewind a little.....

We paid a visit to Dr. Weller's office a little over a year ago when it was suggested by our dentist that Grace would need some intervention for her big smile.  Mind you, when Grace lost her two front teeth, she said over and over again how she hoped that she would have 'buck teeth' come in.  WHAT?  Who says that?  Her response: "But all of my friends have buck teeth".  Peer pressure for buck teeth...really?
We go in for our first visit and i had all three girlies with me.  The normal paperwork was filled out along with a 'get to know you' sheet.  We then were ushered back to speak with the office manager Stephanie, who of course is sweet as pie and about 15 minutes later greeted by Dr. Weller.  Dr. Weller, was warm and kind and asked, "So, what are you here for"?  And Bella, who never says anything to anybody chimes in, "We are here for Graces buck teeth".   Where on earth did that come from?  Of course we were all giggling and Dr. Weller graciously says, "Well, we won't call them that but Grace does have generous teeth".  That she does!  Dr. Weller proceeds to examine Grace's mouth and engages in conversation with her, not asking her questions and not reading off  of a piece paper....So Grace, you are in third grade at Sunset Primary, you play the piano, you do gymnastics and your sisters names are Bella and Lily and......i could go on and on!  He ACTUALLY read that little get to know you sheet before he came in.  Even if she didn't need braces, i was sold.  :-)

So, here is my plug for Weller Orthodontics on Bridgeport Way in University will not be disappointed.  And boy, braces have come a long way from when i had them in 9th grade!  Less bands, clear brackets and fun colors.  It is cool to be a 'brace-face' now!

Stay tuned......
more orthodontic adventures to come!


Miss Denise putting in the spacers.

So proud of her two beloved blue spacers.

Da man himself.....Dr. Weller.
I think Grace was trying to show her spacers in this photo. :-)

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