Friday, January 14, 2011

Da da da da da da da da da da da da...Everybody Dance Now!

That's what the girlies were doing tonight at their Winter Wonderland dance at school.
Do you ever remember having a dance when you were in elementary school?  How fun is that?
All i can say is, bless the PTA's heart for putting on such a fun event for everyone, including the parents!

I am still cracking about how everyone, even the boys, go crazy over Justin Beaver Bieber.  Well, maybe not all of the boys.  A grandfather said he was in the restroom and overheard three little boys complaining as a Justin Bieber song came on, "Man i don't like that guy, he is so old".  The grandfather couldn't believe his ears.  Can you imagine what those little boys thought of the grandfather if they think Justin Bieber is old?   The boys already realize their competition at such a young age. :-)

My girls also got to witness their first Thriller video tonight.  They were enamored and couldn't take their eyes off of it.  So we'll see how many times they get up with nightmares tonight and don't worry, i've marked this date on my calendar so i'll know where to send the bill when my girls start needing therapy because of it. 

It was fun watching them hug and love on their friends and shake their little groove thangs'!

Bella's name has been changed to 'Snaggle tooth'.

Bella with their mascot, Toby the Tiger.

Brought our favorite neighbor girlies
with us too!

So, so pretty!

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  1. What? None of my fanny shots in there?? :) Thank you - you're a true friend! I know your girls had a good time. I just hope JEFF didn't have any nightmares!! :)