Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bella's "Ukie"

Luke is Bella's favorite person in the world and i decided to surprise her with an unexpected outing today since Lily had a birthday party to attend and Grace was going to be spending some time with one of her best buds Anna.

I told her that she and i were going to have a special day together and boy was she surprised when we went and picked up Luke.  They were bouncing around in the van and this was before they even knew what i had in store for them.  They bugged me endlessly about what we were going to be doing.  I'd say we were going to drive around and look at lights.  Luke's response, "That's adult stuff and not fun for kids"!  Then i stopped at Starbucks for a coffee and told them i was going to get them each a coffee.  Luke's response, "I don't like coffee"!  Bella's response, "I do, i'll have a strawberry one".  Ummm....never knew that she thought her strawberries and cream was a "coffee".  Lastly i made one concluding errand to the post office before our first destination and Luke and Bella were certain that this was going to be the worst date play date of their lives. 

FINALLY....i took them to Krispy Kreme and how crazy was i to think that was a good idea?  Everyone was out doing their last minute shopping at the mall and they were parking all the way out at Krispy Kreme which left no parking for us.  We had to devour our donuts in the car and guess what, they taste just as good in the car as they do in the establishment or at home.  Luke claimed that he has never had a Krispy Kreme donut before.  Doesn't he have bad parents for holding out on what he insisted to being the best donut of his life?  :-)

I then took them to their final destination of....the big C.C.!  Oh yeah, crazy old Chuck E. Cheese!  Again, what was i thinking...couldn't even get turned into the place from Tacoma Mall Blvd. but guess who was the hero today...ME!  Oh, the look on their faces when we pulled in was priceless.  Needless to say, we had a great time with the rest of Tacoma.  Seriously, everyone in Tacoma with children five and under were there. 

Let me rewind a little bit about Bella's "Ukie".
Bella and Luke had an instant attraction to each other when they attended the two year old preschool class at our church.  Bella could not say her "L's" back then and came home one day stating, "Ukie kiss me on my yips today".  Her Daddy kindly looked at her across the dinner table and said, "The next time Ukie kisses you on your yips tell him i am going to spank him".  You should've seen how big her eyes got after that.  Bella has betrothed herself to Luke ever since.  Convinced she is going to marry him and then one of her dreams came true this year.....Luke came to Sunset Primary AND they are in class together.  Oh heart be still.
So as silly as it sounds, she totally has our blessing to marry Luke.  We love him and LOVE his parents and know that they would have a lot of fun together.  How cute would be to say, it all started in your two year old preschool class.....

But today as i was dropping off Luke they asked for a sleepover....should we be worried? :-)
Love these two cuties so much!

With the big Cheese himself!

Don't you love how Luke's eyebrows raise up when he smiles?

This was the first thing they wanted to do when they got there...
ride the huge rocking horse.

My kids think this is the best...

I scored on one of the games and contributed 50 of those tickets to their
grand total.

Everyone is a winner!

So many choices.....

Hmmmm......what should we get?

The junk.....i mean treasures.

One of their favorites, glow in the dark vampire teeth.

Enough pictures already!