Saturday, December 4, 2010

Charlie Brown Tree

That is what my husband still calls ours after 20 years of getting a tree together.  Yes, i know you are doing the math in your head right now and yes, we had a Christmas tree together before we were married but don't ask me if we lived together before we got married, that is not what this post is about. :-)

We purchased our first Christmas tree at the B & I for $10.  Do you even know what that is?  It is where Ivan the Gorilla lived for many years and now it is some hodge-podge of not so good discount shops. 
Here we are 20 years later with a tree that is several feet taller and we now pay at least $100 for a tree!  YIKES!  Now can you see why i am thinking artificial?

I know, i know you are going to tell me to go to a U-Cut lot, it will be a lot cheaper. Did that and guess what happened?  I had little tiny spiders crawling around our apartment the whole month of December.  It is a nice thought but just can't get those spiders out of my head.  So instead, God gave me the most gracious and patient husband in the world when it comes to my quest to find the perfect tree.  We go to the same 5-6 lots, it takes a good couple of hours for me to decide if God has grown the perfect tree and then we take one home for a pretty penny.

Let me rewind to our first Christmas tree shopping experience.
I had no idea that someone i loved so much could have such bad taste in Christmas trees or what went on them for decorations.
I thought everyone loved nobles, with white lights and matching ornaments. sweet southern gentleman liked those big bushy trees, with big outdoor colored lights, garland, an array of any ornament you could find PLUS tinsel!
Really, thought we were going to be divorced before we were even married over our first Christmas tree.

Needless to say, we conceded and he compromised much better more than i did.
We got a noble fir, with white lights, non matching ornaments and TINSEL....yes, can you believe i had to allow tinsel to avoid colored lights and garland!

Look at our tree.  It is exactly the same as it was 20 years ago and YES, we still have tinsel!
                                                  9 feet of glorious wonder!
 Two of my absolute favorite ornaments given to us by a dear friend the year we lost our sons. Aren't they amazing and so perfect?
     One of my favorites..He is the reason for the season and i am not talking about Santa!
                        I love patriotic ornaments, especially if they involve Santa.
    Tinsel, love it or hate it, i have a strong like for it because it makes my husband happy!
                                                       Without flash......
                                                       With flash.........
It may not be perfect but it is perfect for us and it reminds every year how much my husband really loves me!


  1. Camden just said "that's an ugly christmas tree". haha! I think it's beautiful. I love the nobles, but I do love my artificial tree too. And can you believe the difference between flash and no flash? Flash is so ugly! And tinsel, really SuLee? We're going to have to "talk". xoxo

    PS You totally have this blogging thing down.

  2. I LOVE the ornaments for your boys...that made me tear up! Beautiful tree :)

  3. Your blog is fun, SuLee!
    We debated the noble vs fir as well. We both agree that while we prefer the elegance of a noble, we can't not have the wonderfully Christmas-y scent of the fir! Love that smell!

  4. We use to get Noble Fir, but have conceeded to Artificial with snow. It really is pretty, and a one time purchase. Loved your little boy's ornaments. I just pulled out a stocking I made for our little Christina, the Christmas before she was born. I finished everything but her name. I think I'll add it this year. It's been 26 years this coming February.
    Our Angel babies... xoxoxo