Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Say Cheese!

Took the girls to see one of our favorite gals and photographer, Crystal Linde owner of Crystal Ball Photography.
Seriously, you think i could snap that perfect head shot i so desire for our mantel but no, i need Crystal's magic.  She seems to be the only one who can  make my girls sit perfectly still, tilt their pretty little heads just the right way and do it all without a fake smile.  I am certain this was all accomplished today because the girls were "on" and pretty stinkin' cute!

So, you know if you hang out with me during the day, i am most likely going to take your photo.
Here is our Crystal who has been taking photos of all of our girlies since they were each 14 days old.
Crystal would probably be alarmed if she came to our home because it would be a shrine to Crystal's work.  I tease and say i am spending their college tuition fund on photos instead. :-)

Fake grins from Lily and Grace and who is this crazy
Bella girl?  Thank you Crystal for being the only one
who cooperated with me.

I think this is a FABulous photo of Lily!  Don't you?

Now i know what Crystal must feel like everyday.
How many shots must i take to get the perfect one?
Lily had nothing left for me after giving it all to Crystal.
After our photo shoot we stopped by the Children's Hands On Museum with our buds Marisa and Anna.
I forget how lovely our capital is.

BFF's who can't get enough of each other!

Hi Grace!
Yup, this is Grace's face.

Lastly, how can i forget today's smattering of snow!
It was pretty while it lasted.

Footprints from my morning run.
Told you Wendy was hardcore!

As you can see by my photos, i was in a black/white/sepia kind of a mood today!

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  1. Love all the photos, especially the sepia ones. Looks like the girls had another great day!
    [and once again, Lily cracks me up.]