Friday, December 3, 2010

More craftiness.....felt flower pins

Stop me now.....well, maybe not. :-)
So obviously you can tell i am in a creative mood.
Look what i did this morning.
I've only attempted these two colors but have a few more to explore with.
I've also visited Etsy and figured out a few more ways to doctor these little cuties up. 
Can you see my little girlies wearing these along with a matching one for their Mom?
Coat lapel, scarf, headband.......the possibilities are endless!

Seriously, i need to stop.  I am hosting a dinner party tonight, the tree is not decorated and the house is not cleaned, i've not been out to get the few last minute items i need and i am not showered!

Not only does the front need to look good but so does the back.  Yes, my OCD anal self thought this up on my own. :-)


  1. Okay, would ask how you made these, but I've left my crafting my days behind. Make me one? Oh, and the book page wreath, too, please.

  2. SULEE, WHat is happening to you? You are getting WAY too crafty! ; )

  3. Love these. They've been on my "crafting" list for awhile. Maybe you'll give me an in-person tutorial!