Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday outings galore and fluff.....

Tonight we had yet another holiday party.
Since December 3rd we've been to a total of 9 holiday party/functions and still have one more this coming up Saturday.  Whew!  Kind of LOVE it......a lot! :-)

Last night was the Rotary's holiday dinner with entertainment by the Curtis swing choir.  They are always amazing.  If you've had the pleasure of encountering them, you know what i mean.  The girls think they are extra special because the choir comes to their school to perform and then they get a second helping when they attend the Rotary dinner.  Once or's always a treat!

Tonight we attended the Multicare Health Board party on a yacht!  My first time ever frequenting a yacht and it was quite spectacular.  And come to find out the yacht is owned by some former clients of mine from way back in banking days in Puyallup 15 years ago.  What a small, small world it is.

Our marvelous babysitter Mollee, whom the girls can't get enough of, patiently endured gingerbread housing construction and exterior design while we were out tonight.  The girls had their houses displayed proudly when we arrived home.  It was fun to admire the uniqueness of each of their little homes of candy.

Here is my sin of the day...okay, well one of my sins of the day.  No need to go into detail, God knows the others.  Found these while grocery shopping yesterday and they are YUM-O.  If you like craisins, you will LOVE these!

Last but not least, i finished up teacher's gifts for the girls today.
I We decided to give them some of my our favorite things. (these are some of their favorite things, they just don't know it yet. :-)

The holiday season is sooooooo much FUN!

Fresh new haircuts courtesy of Kristine at Wild Child and as you can see, we are getting good use out of our Christmas attire.

Choir coming around singing 'Fruitcake'!

I especially LOVE this shot.  The boy actually goes to our church.

Beautiful Bella cutting her chocolate brown eyes at me.

Doesn't she have the best hair, face, nose, everything?

The "Joey"

Who doesn't love slightly warm brie with something fancy on top?

You know me and my love for flowers.

My dear sweet amazing friend Linda Kaye, director of the board.

Are these fabulous or what?




I'm a sucker for 'Limited Edition' stuff...i feel like i am getting something special.

1/4 of a cup equals 1/2 a serving of fruit.  This HAS to be good for you!

Makes you kind of want to be one of my children's teachers, doesn't it?


  1. FUN! I especially love that picture of Lily too...the look on her face is PRICELESS!

  2. I love the lily picture too! And I'll eat brie with you ANYTIME. I love me some cheese.

  3. Funny how your favorite things and mine match up so well. :)