Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Striking' a pose at the bowling alley

Get it?  Hee-hee!

Come on, who has a party at the bowling alley?  The Army does!
Jeff's National Guard Christmas party was at the one on base today and it was FUN while i was getting spares and strikes and kicking my husbands you know and then he comes back in the 7th frame and smokes me! !
After his unit's party we crashed another one across the parking lot and went roller skating.  I don't have many pictures from that one because my battery ran out of juice.  Note to self: buy that extra battery on Ebay tonight.
And no, i was not brave enough to get my almost 42 year old hiney on a pair of roller skates today but never say never, i might surprise you with a post of that one day.

There was a fellow photographer (don't i crack you up that i claim to be one of these?) in Jeff's unit and has a mother-load of a camera with a mother-load of a lens that he graciously and voluntarily put on my camera for a few shots for fun.  All i can say is...WOWEE...Oh My...a $3K lens does make a difference.  Felt like the paparazzi shooting with a lens from Nordstrom and then i had to go back to mine from K-Mart.  NOT!  But you fellow Momtographers know what i mean. :-)

Hope you don't mind all the photos.  Be thankful i didn't post the 250+ i took and i should be thankful for digital cameras so i could delete my umpteen shots of blur.

The first five shots are with the $3K Nordstrom lens and also SOOC, the rest are with the K-Mart my lens.  Now you know i am joking and only making such a big deal out of this because i would've never believed a lens really could make that much of a difference but as you can see it does.  I LOVE my camera but can you imagine what kind of Momtographer i would be if i had this lens?  Stop me now!

She really is holding a ball in the photo :-)

Come on, these need to worn in public...they are stylin'!

Isn't this a cool picture?  Can i call it SOOC (straight out of the camera) when all i did was change it to sepia tone and no other editing? 

Don't you think my girls could pull this off?  Maybe start a new trend?

Not to worry, as you can see your tax dollars were NOT spent in excess at the Christmas party...
but it was still decent grub.

Bella showing Santa her bowling techniques.

Hey, do you think he looks as good as the "real Santa" at the mall?  Maybe i can use this as our photo this year and avoid the long line and as my friend Rachel would say, you are pretty much going for the "lap rental fee" anyways since you almost always like your own photo better than the one they take.

Oh yah, this is a contender....

Nice butt form Daddy!

Is it my turn yet?

Grace giving a go at it...not bad considering the camera weighs as much as she does.


Hurry up and take your 250th shot and move out of my way!


  1. SuLee! these are great! And I want to know what lens you got to play with. I think those are pretty good Santa pics could save your $22.99 + tax and call it good!

  2. Save your money... your Santa pics are much better, and mean so much more! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family :)