Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So i will just confess, this is going to be a brag post about one of the most amazing days i've ever had in my life.

On Sunday i was exposed to my first 'full' day at a spa and not just any spa but the Nordstrom Spa in Seattle.  My wonderful running partner Wendy spends obscene amounts of money at Nordstrom  is a valued client at Nordstrom and was given the gift of taking 4 of her friends including herself to be pampered for the day.  And she picked me...ME...me to be honored as one of her 'chosen'.

We headed up to Seattle at about 9 am (yes, i missed church and have asked for forgiveness already) and were greeted by crazy little runners all decked out in holiday paraphernalia and Santa hats for the Jingle Bell run.  The hustle and bustle of the city, white lights on the trees (you know how i LOVE white lights) and in addition to the long line for Santa at Nordstrom put a feel in the air that Christmas was soon on it's way.
Nordstrom was opened early and we even got a little bit of shopping in plus a quick bite to eat at the Cafe' before we dived in for the experience of a lifetime. 

We were ushered to the relaxation room where we were taken one by one to slip into our fancy little spa robes and to begin our day of luxury!  Mine started off with an incredible deep tissue massage, you know, the kind that will make you come off of the table, the pain for pleasure kind of massage.  It hurt so good!  Next i had my pedicure in a reclined chair.  Really, who does that?  It was great!  Following, i had my first facial ever and talk about amazing!  My facial was actually the most relaxing and i am certain i had fallen asleep at times because all of a sudden she would be doing a different step and i did not remember her transitioning at all.  The finale was my manicure.  By this time my hands would be massaged three times!  Once by my masseuse, once by the esthetician and then the third by the manicurist.   After all of this....can you believe there is more?.....they served us dinner and Wendy surprised me with some yummy chocolate concoction to continue my birthday celebration.  Our marvelous day was completed by a little more shopping which ended with all of us leaving with matching scarves.

I know, i know......
I am still in shock that i was able to partake in such a luxurious experience.
So as much as i LOVE gifts, i love memories more.  This is definitely a memory i will never forget.

A big huge thanks to my running partner who not only keeps me in good shape but spoils me rotten too! XOXO
You can tell you are going to get pampered just by peeking through the door.

All the ladies before getting catered to.

Isn't my running partner so pretty and adorable?

Awww...heated neck wrap. 


After...guess i should've taken out the tissue to make me look a little more refined. :-)  Notice how the lighting looks better when i have freshly painted toes?  (ha-ha)

Shrimp and Crab Louie for dinner and what kind of bonus is that to get fried shrimp on your salad?

Chocolate heaven and i was nice and shared...just a little.

Here we are make-up free with our plumped up, 10 years taken off skin. :-)


  1. that's totally my kindergarten teacher sitting next to you. (grace's, too!)

  2. oh my gosh that is my kindergarten teacher! haha!