Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A tasty little treat that is good for you....

Well that is what the girls thought at least.
I had to go to the post office after school and the girls' tummies were rumbling and asked for a snack so we made a detour to Great Harvest Bread Co. and Trader Joe's.  They split a snicker doodle three ways and then proceeded to have gingerbread cake topped with dried ginger at TJ's.  Okay, that dried ginger will make your nose hairs curl!  Whew!

As we were wandering around getting those few staples you need, the Christmas goodies were beckoning the girls to take them home.  Grace can just about convince me to buy anything, especially when she says, "Look Mom, this has no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors"!  Is she trained well or what?  So this is the new little yummy item we came home with.  Even though Grace sold us on it she ended not liking them because they were too hard.  Either way, thought they were tasty and pretty darned cute too!

Also wanted to share the embarrassing amount of wrapping paper i bought from the girls' fundraiser at school.  I just hate don't like going out door to door or worst yet, begging my friend's to buy things they probably don't need.  Now with that being said, this does not mean you cannot approach me to buy things from your children.  Don't worry, i have no problem saying no to YOU but send your child and i cave. :-) 
Got my first bit of wrapping done for the season.  Sent one box to North Carolina today and will send two more tomorrow.  Yes, i know, why didn't i just make one trip to the post office tomorrow?  It's because i am late with my father-in-law's birthday present and i wanted that gift to get there as soon as possible!

Little gingerbread men with white fudge frosting...yum!

Read what i circled, besides Grace's mad sales skills, this is what sealed the deal. :-)

I know, obscene but at least it's all pretty, right?

Also splurged on some funky little tags and array of rainbow Sharpies at Costco today.


  1. yum, we got those gingerbread men from trader joe's too! they were gone in a few days though. :) and i'm glad that they were "healthy." and that wrapping paper is so pretty!

  2. Love the little gingerbread men from TJ's. We tried a new goodie - they were demo-ing the new chewy egg nog cookies on Sunday and they are scrumptious! Oh, and that wrapping paper? You totally should have hit me up - I LOVE the school fundraiser paper. It's such great quality. I was sad when my kids didn't sell it anymore. Soooo.... if the girls are selling next year, don't hesitate to ask me! :-)