Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some of my FAVORITEs

LOVE this woman and her sweet little family.
She is my bargain shopping mall buddy.  She sent me a message yesterday wondering if it was crazy to take her three to the mall today and of course it i met her there with my three in tow too.  While i didn't join in on the shopping beforehand we did connect for lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe' for some good eats.

I met Rachel through MOPS two years ago.
We share a very special bond that i don't share with many.
We are loss Mommies.
Many of you know that we lost our sweet boys Andrew and Benjamin on June 16th, 1999 and Rachel and Chris lost their precious Mina on February 24th, 2009.  She was born on our Bella's 5th birthday, February 18th and lived for one short week before passing onto her heavenly father. 

My heart breaks every time i think of their loss but through their loss we connected and now i can't imagine not having her in my life.  I remember sitting down talking with her shortly after we met and we had so many neurotic things in common and her response was, "You're just as uptight as me".  Pretty much fell in love with her right after that.  Also, she is a big part of why i am a Momtographer and Blogger now.

Life is so much better and sweeter because i know this wonderful woman.  Love you Rachel and the cute babies you make!

P.S.  Her Grace is the one who made my header for my blog.  She is a blog genius at the ripe old age of 12.  And Rachel just straightened my header out last night because she knew i was losing sleep over it.  Notice how it is now centered perfectly now?  THANK YOU!

Da whole gang!

Her Grace, Charlie, Rachel and Camden (isn't he great?) you see his little fingers peeking up
behind his Mom's head?

Are they gorgeous or what?

Charlie Pete!

Yes, he is yummy!

Those cute little faces need to grow into those
generous teeth...just saying.

Come on Mom, i'm eating here.

Proof that it was delicious!

5 out of 7 of us ordered the kids cheese pizza...
it does not disappoint.

I give up...this was the best out of the five i took.

GRACE!!!....Can't you just hear Lily?

Can you tell which ones are the mannequins? 
They are wearing their new little treasures they found
on their heads.

My pretty Bestie! (using her word)
Her Grace is our photographer today.

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  1. Aw, SuLee what a sweet post. We had a blast with you yesterday (as usual), even though we had ALL. those. kids. with us. (What were we thinking?)

    love love love you!