Friday, December 24, 2010

Blue Christmas.....

Tonight i am missing my Mom....

We've spent Christmases apart before but this year is hitting me hard because i think, no, i am certain, this will be her last Christmas and i am not able to share it with her because she is now living with her sisters in California.

I call her daily but lately she does not answer the phone as often because she doesn't have the energy to talk with me, even for a few minutes.

Please pray for my Mom.
She is not doing well at all.
We are ready to release her, to have her be with her maker where she will have her new disease free body and where she will be at peace without any suffering.
Please pray the Lord call her home quickly in her sleep......

Tonight i am sad but tomorrow is a new day.
The girls will be giddy from all of their gifts, we will have a cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a birthday party for Jesus, a nice relaxing dinner for just the five of us and God will show me again and again, how blessed i am.

Love you Mom!
Merry CHRISTmas!


  1. I'm holding her and your entire sweet family in my prayers even now!

    Piece to Piece,

  2. Love you SuLee! Praying for you and for your mom. xoxo

  3. What a great picture. Thanks for sharing!! Prayers to you and your family!

  4. Love to all of you and we are keeping your dear mom in our prayers. Merry Christmas....

  5. SuLee, I think of you often. I hope you know that so many people adore you & are praying for your family. You are an amazing woman and I'm sure your mom is proud to call you her daughter.

    Love you dearly!